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Badminton Finland, Radiokatu 20, FIN-00240 Helsinki
Phone: +358 40 526 9939
E-mail: finnish.open@badminton.fi

The Finnish Open will be conducted under the BWF Competition Regulations and in accordance with the Instructions of the Badminton Europe Circuit, of which the Finnish Open forms a part.
Players shall not plan their departure less than two (2) hours after their last match is planned to conclude. If a player is unable to compete due to early departure, he/she may be penalised by removal of ranking points and return of awarded prizes. BADMINTON EUROPE shall propose to BWF that the gained BWF ranking points are also removed.

Energia Areena, Rajatorpantie 23, FIN-01600 Vantaa
Phone: +358 10 633 0303 (during tournament only)
Web: http://www.mup.fi/tapahtumat/kalenteri/energia-areena/#1
There will be free transportation between the official tournament hotel and the tournament venue.

Thursday 6 April 2017: Qualifications (if necessary) from 09.00
Friday 7 April 2017: Main tournament from 09.00
Saturday 8 April 2017: Quarter Finals from 10.00 and Semi-Finals from 16.00
Sunday 9 April 2017: Finals from 10.00

Men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles and mixed doubles
Number of players/pairs accepted for the tournament:

Main Draw
Men’s singles 32
Women’s singles 32
Doubles 32

BE Circuit regulations 3.3 about the minimum amount of entries


All entries must be made by using the BWF Online Entry System:

Players can’t be entered unless they already have a BWF ID-number. In case you wish to enter players who do not have a BWF ID-number, please contact the BWF office well in advance of the tournament, so that the players concerned can get a BWF ID-number before the closing date of the tournament.No late entries will be accepted!

7th of March 2017 at 23.59 BWF HQ-time (16.59 CET)
VISA: Important for all players who need visa for Finland.
Please request immediately from Badminton Finland the official INVITATION LETTER and apply as soon as possible.

The Draw will be made by Badminton Europe 21nd of March 2017


  • Closing Date for Entries (Tue) 7th of March
  • World Ranking Date used for Main & Qualifying (M&Q) Report (Thu) 9th of March
  • Main & Qualifying (M&Q) Report Release Date (Fri) 10th of March
  • World Ranking Date used for Seeding Report (Thu) 16th of March
  • Last Date for Withdrawal without Penalty (Sun) 19th of March
  • Draw Date (Tue) 21nd of March

The entry fees:
EUR 50 in singles
EUR 45 per player in doubles (EUR 90 per combination)

Organizer:   Badminton Finland
Bank:           Nordea
IBAN:           FI4814543000102205
BIC:              NDEAFIHH

The Member Association that enters a player into a Circuit tournament is responsible for paying the entry fees for that player. The entry fees become due if a player is entered and has not been withdrawn by the Member Association by midnight local time on the closing date. It is recommended that the entry fees are paid by bank transfer, but the organizers can accept cash payment at tournaments. If the entry fee is not paid in time, the player will not be allowed to start the match.

The entry fees will not be refunded in the case of a withdrawal. For all the withdrawn players the Organizers’ can invoice the entry fee to the relevant Member Association. If no payment has been received after the deadline has passed the organizers will forward the invoice with the registration of deliverance and the copy of the original entry together with the original invoice to BADMINTON EUROPE.

If a player/pair is listed on a Reserves List, no entry fee is to be paid before being promoted to the Main Draw or Qualification draw. Before such a promotion takes place, the organizers must have this promotion confirmed by the association/associations of the respective player/pair. Only when this confirmation has been given, the player/pair is considered as an entry.
Organizers are allowed to refuse entries if players have outstanding fees from a previous year.
No alteration, except withdrawal, can be made to the entries after the close of entries in accordance with BWF Competition Regulations 5.8.

Any withdrawal after the Sunday immediately preceding the draw, for any reason whatsoever, renders the Member Association concerned liable to an amount of US$150,00 for the inconvenience caused by the withdrawal (as defined in BWF General Competition Regulations).

Any player not showing up at the tournament, without having been withdrawn in advance, renders the Member Association concerned liable to an additional amount of US$ 500,00 for the inconvenience caused by the “no show” (as defined in BWF General Competition Regulations).

There will be total prize money of EUR 19.170 (equals USD 20.011 based on exchange rate on December 18th 2016), which will be distributed at the prize ceremony. A local tax of 15% will be deducted from the prize money.

  MS WS MD WD XD Total
Winner 2100 2100 2300* 2300* 2300* 11100
Runner-up 1150 1150 1150* 1150* 1150* 5750
Semi-finalists   580 580 2320
Total 19170

 *= per pair

To be arranged individually by participants.

There can be betting on offer from this event. Betting is however not allowed to be made by players or officials connected to the event either in person or through a third party. Participants may therefore not make bets on the Event or procure through third parties the making of bets with a betting agency. Participants who, in violation of this prohibition, nevertheless make or procure through third parties the making of bets with betting agencies shall be immediately disqualified from participation in the Event and are liable for legal prosecution. Similarly manipulation of games will be met with disqualification and possible legal prosecution. Any violation mentioned above is also a breach of Player’s Code of Conduct (Art. 5.2.) and will be sanctioned by BWF.

The Finnish Open will be conducted according to the BWF Regulations 19-23 on advertising and clothing. For International Challenge tournaments, the name on the back of the shirt is mandatory for all matches in the main draw.

It is mandatory for the semi-finals and finals that partners in doubles wear the same colour T-shirt and shorts/skirts. Failing to do so shall result in an administrative fine of 100 EUR.

TOURNAMENT WEB SITE: www.badminton.fi/finnishopen


* The finals will be televised and the international signal will be sold to Asian countries by IEC in Sports.

* The Tournament Referee will be Jozef Kuprivec (Slovenia)
E-mail: jozef.kuprivec@gmail.com

* Shuttlecocks Kumpoo 99

* The tournament will be played on Pro courts (6 courts on Thursday and Friday).

* Drug testing: According to Finnish law, drug testing might be carried out on a random basis at any time during the tournament.


The official tournament hotel will be the Rantasipi Airport. It is situated very close to the Airport. All the players and officials will get free transportation according to the timetable from the Airport to the official tournament hotel and back by the Airport bus service. There will be free transportation between the official tournament hotel and the tournament venue. Please book your rooms by e-mail: south.sales@restel.fi. Please use code Finnish Open 2017 to get the lowest price for your accommodation. All guests must settle their own accounts before departure.


Rantasipi Airport Hotel
Address: Robert Huberin tie 4, FIN-01510 VANTAA
Phone: +358 9 4157 7300 (08.00–16.00 GMT+2)
E-mail: south.sales@restel.fi
EUR 109 triple room (per room = twin room with extra bed), includes breakfast
EUR 89 twin room (per room), includes breakfast
EUR 71 single room (per room), includes breakfast

There will possibility to practice at the tournament venue on Wednesday 5th of April, a day before the tournament starts. More information with schedule will be published at the tournament webpage.

There will be no pickup service as the tournament hotel is located in the Airport area. All the players and officials will get free transportation according to the timetable from the Airport to the official hotel and back by the Airport bus service Teams will get an info letter of Finnish Open 2017 when they arrive at the tournament hotel.

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