Information about Corona virus

As you may have noticed Covid19 (the Corona virus) has reached Finland. Therefore we think it is important to inform you about the situation in Finland on a regular basis. At his moment, only a few people have been infected here. The Finnish health authorities are closely monitoring the situation. So far, there is no reason for any major concern. You can find up to date information here:

We follow the developments around Corona continuously, monitor the situation on a daily basis and have close contact with the national health authorities. We will follow their directives. One advise we got already: if a player has or gets fever, he or she should refrain of playing. Even without having the Corona virus you are at risk in that case. And of course, if you come from or stayed at a place which is known as a hotspot of the virus it is advised to contact us.

At the moment there is no reason at all to postpone or cancel Finnish Open tournament. The preparations are well under way. During the tournament we will take all required precautionary measures and follow the instructions of our health authorities which will apply to all participants and visitors.

If the situation changes and health authorities would advise or order to cancel the tournament we will inform everyone as soon as possible through all the information channels we have. Our main channel is the tournaments website

For further information about the formal position of the BWF, and some Q and A’s see the BWF’s website.